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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can enter The TOG Awards?

Anyone, regardless of professional status, location, gender or niche. We aim to celebrate photography and nothing else at all.

My work doesn't look like the work on your website. Is there any point in me entering?

Absolutely! We want unique, different and exceptional. Only by entering will you change the type of images seen next year.

Can I enter one image into multiple categories?

Yes, absolutely. Please ensure that if you definitely want to do this, the category description is met in its entirity on all occations. 

What categories can I enter?

Check out all of the available categories by visiting this link here. You can click on the titles to open up descriptions for extra information. 

Can I enter an image that includes overlays or digital assets?

No, if you enter an image that contains any purchased asset, the image is intelligible.

Entering an image with purchased assets such as skies, digital backdrops, stock photography or overlays is against the Awards rules.

At times, the organisers may request the original files to check this point to ensure everyone is competing on a level playing field.

How do I enter The TOG Awards?

All submissions are run through our dedicated, secure submissions app. You can access this when the cycle opens via a link in the main menu or by heading to this page and following the instructions. 

Can I get feedback on my image?

It is not possible to give feedback to every entrant for every image, unfortunately.

Jessica does Award Review sessions inside the Premium Membership of That Photography Spot, and also offers one-off online portfolio review one-to-ones which may be suitable.