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All frequently asked questions live here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can enter The TOG Awards?

Anyone, regardless of professional status, location, gender or niche. We aim to celebrate photography and nothing else at all.

My work doesn't look like the work on your website. Is there any point in me entering?

Absolutely! The work featured on this website is purely a sample of Jessica’s [one of the 2022 judges] portfolio. Next year we’d love to feature your work on this site, but we’ll be dressing the website from successful entries so you have to be in it to win it!

Can I enter one image into multiple categories?

No, you can only enter one image per category and the categories are set up in a way that it would be difficult to enter in any other way. 

What is the definition of natural light and artifical light?

Natural light covers photographs captured in daylight or indoors in locations that you cannot control the light in any way.

Artificial light is light that you specifically controlled and added to the situation to get the photograph.

What should sit in fine art?

If you’re used to awards, think of fine art as the open category, digital manipulation category or conceptual category. Where an image does not fit easily and simply into natural light, or artificial light (which includes mixed light), it should sit in fine art. You’ll know if you have one, don’t worry!

Can I enter an image that includes overlays or digital assets?

No, if you enter an image that contains any purchased asset, the image is intelligible. Entering an image with purchased assets such as skies, digital backdrops, stock photography or overlays is against the Awards rules. At times, the organisers may request the original files to check this point to ensure everyone is competing on a level playing field.

How do I enter The TOG Awards?

Simply head to this page here and complete the entry slip for each image you want to enter. Before that though, please ensure you have read the submission information and, if you want to, you can download the submission checklist to check each entry before you submit!